Raqs Mystique first online workshops: Finger Cymbals aka Sagat aka Zills with Chronis Taxidis!

Raqs Mystique first online workshops: Finger Cymbals aka Sagat aka Zills with Chronis Taxidis!


Dear dancers,

How are You doing? 

As you already know, we have postponed our festival to 11-13.september in autumn 2020. We will do our best to keep all the schedule the same + adding a few more classes for our nre guest teachers. So there will be something new coming :) 
With one exception! ;) 
The zills workshop! 
 As there is plenty of time until that and long summer is ahead of us, we have created for you and other dancers, who might me interested, a completely new and unique webinar-virtual workshop. So, in other words, we decided to bring this workshop from studio to internet!  As learning zills needs a lot of individual practise, we thought that it might interest you, to participate in this workshop through internet and get the chance to practise it at home! :) 
So, what is going to happen exactly? 
Our teacher Chronis Taxidis will prepare 2 special custom-made workshops for dancers. First workshop will be of course the advanced workshop for dancers,( or musicians!) who already have the basic technique of playing finger cymbals. The second workshop is for those, who have to those people, who are interested in learning how to play zills. 
How and where can i see it?
The video will not be online to watch on a certain time. But, it will be available to download for those people, who have purchased the license to view it. So, it means, you, who have registered to this workhop, and you have already paid, you have the unique change to participate in this workshop through your computer, mobile or whatever you prefer. :)
Important Note:  Of course, we trust our people and we believe that you will not be sharing this video with your fellow dancers or students. This is for your personal use only. It is like buying an instructional DVD, but it is not allowed to film it or upload it. It is very important, as we know, there have been situations before. And artists should support each other now more than ever before! Thank You for Your understanding! 

So, what we want is your feedback, and we hope you like this idea. To keep us united and ... well, there is a little surprise for all the people, who will join this workshop. So, please feel free to share this information with your fellow dancers and if they are interested in joining in, they can send an email to: :) 

The price is 35 EUR for advanced workshop and 20 EUR for beginners workshop. 
We are waitig for your letters! ♥ ♥ ♥ :)

Stay safe and stay dancing!

Raqs Mystique Team  



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