New teacher at Raqs Mystique Festival!

New teacher at Raqs Mystique Festival!


We are proud to present that we have added one more teacher at Raqs Mystique festival - Outi of Cairo!

Outi is an internationally respected master teacher and performer.

Since 2005, Outi has been living and working in Cairo, Egypt. During that time she has been performing with her orchestra on higly esteemed stages. She and her orchestra also perform in weddings and other private parties. Work engagements have taken her to all over the Egypt.

During her time in Egypt Outi has become a sought after teacher and performer in the Oriental Dance world and she is currently traveling extensively around the world teaching at different events and venues.

Outi specializes in the Egyptian style of Oriental dance and interpretation of music, as well as many other Middle Eastern folkloric dances. Even though her repertoire consists of variety of subjects Outi has become known for her clever way of teaching Egyptian technique for foreigners.

Before Outi's career in Cairo she had been dancing over a decade in Finland. During that time she was an active member of the Finnish Masrah Dance Company. Highlights with Masrah include several theater productions, as well as participation in dance festivals in China, Cyprus and Egypt. All the while she performed as a soloist in diverse venues and events in Finland.

Outi has produced CDs featuring music from her shows and rhythms for teaching and practising. She will be bringing her newest album Negmet El Layali with her!

Ouri will give the following workshop:
Folklore in the oriental dance routine ( 2 hours )
During this class Outi will give you ideas how to adapt folklore styles in oriental performance. She will demonstrade the differencies in the folklore performance and oriental style dance. She will concentrade on the steps, style, feeling and also talk about the music.


Welcome to Outi's class and to see her perform at the gala show on the 21st of June in Argentiina restaurant! :)

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